Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy clarifies how we here at Colorful Cosmetics LLC will gather, store, and use the information that we get out of your supplication of it through our website.

Everything about how we collect, store, use, and secure your information will be planned out in detail in this section.

Who Controls the Data?

All the data that are controlled by Colorful Cosmetics LLC and our team that manages the website.

How Do We Collect Your Information?

There are several activities in which we’re able to collect information from you – that includes:

  • When you provide us your information (placing an order, sending us an inquiry, signing up for our newsletter, creating an account, taking a survey, etc.)
  • Third party interaction (occasionally)
  • From using our website and enabling cookies

These are only the ways how we collect information from you. We don’t intend to get it but if your desired activity requires information, then it will be based all on your discretion.

What Types of Information Do We Collect?

All the information we collect are information that we need in order for us to provide the services you yearn for. The information we MAY collect include:

  • Your Name (Aliases, Unique Names, or Real Names)
  • Time You Access Our Website (Based on Your IP)
  • Info on How You Use Our Website:
    • Do You Do Window Shopping?
    • Are You Canvasing for the Item You Plan on Buying?
    • Which Pages You’ve Viewed
  • Contact Details and Information
  • Payment Information (Credit or Debit, Paypal, etc.)
  • Device Information (Browser or Device Type)
  • Info About Your Internet Connection
  • Cookie Information

These are only the ways how we collect information from you. We don’t intend to get it but if your desired activity requires information, then it will be based all on your discretion.

Can You Object Giving Cookie Information?

Colorful Cosmetics LLC reserves the right to all our clients to take the option of objecting the sharing or the storing of cookie information.
In case you’re interested in blocking these cookies, you can opt out to avoid seeing our personalized ads. Follow the instructions in this guide.

How Do We Use Your Information?

Colorful Cosmetics LLCwill use your information for business and administrative purposes only. The main reasons why we would collect and gather your information would be to contact and communicate with you.

Other reasons may include:

  • To improve our website and our overall business in relation to how our clients and our consumers conduct transactions
  • To fulfill all our obligations contractually
  • To be able to advertise and market our products and services
  • To analyze how you utilize and use our website
  • To conduct auditing related to a current interaction with the consumer and following transactions, including,:
    • Counting ad impressions to unique visitors;
    • Verifying positioning and quality of ad impressions;
    • Auditing compliance with this specification and other standards; and
    • Other
  • To be able to detect, identify, and address errors that are existent within our website
  • For the performing services on behalf of other businesses, service providers, as well as other accounts
  • To perform internal research for development and demonstration
  • Other legal rights and/or obligations

How Would We Verify Your Identity?

Should we possess or have any appropriate information about you, we would, validate and verify your identity using that particular information.

However, in the even that we find it challenging to obtain such information from you; or if we have insufficient information, we might require you of original or certified true copies of documentation that prove your identity.

Do We Keep Your Information Confidential?

Through the use of technical and formal measures, Colorful Cosmetics LLC will keep and store all of your information securely. We have developed encrypted servers, which are filled with ciphers.

Our website also utilizes a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL technology which encrypts all the transfers, payments, and activities that you perform on our website.

By these developments, we assure all our clients that only duly briefed, extensively trained, and trusted individuals would have access to the information we have collected and stored in our servers.

Information Disclosure With Google

Google collects information through the usage of Google Analytics on Colorful Cosmetics LLC’s website. Google uses this information for a wide range of purposes which include, but are not limited to: improving the Google Analytics Service, to give you products and services related to your queries, etc.

Worry not, though, because the information shared with Google comes on an anonymized basis. If you are interested to know about the action of Google collecting information, read Google’s Privacy Statement`.

Do We Retain Your Information?

Colorful Cosmetics LLC retains all the information we have gathered until the time that it’s necessary. This, of course, takes into account all the legal obligations that we have (tax purposes, business data, and so on).

Do We Sell Your Information to Third Parties?

Colorful Cosmetics LLC will never sell any personal or commercial information to third parties that you may have provided to us.

Your Rights Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You have the following rights that are all in relation to what your information is. Should you choose to exercise any of it, you can send us an email:

  • To request the correction or the deletion of your information;
  • To request access to your information and how we use your information for processing;
  • To object or decline the processing of your information for some purposes;
  • To withdraw your consent to the use of your information at any given time. Take note, though, that upon withdrawal of your consent for us to use these information, it would never affect the lawfulness of our usage of your information;
  • To request the restriction of how we use your information; and
  • To receive information which you have provided to us.

Privacy of Children

Colorful Cosmetics LLC cares and prioritizes the safety and the privacy of children online. Therefore, we strictly comply and conform with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 or COPPA.

It is not within our knowledge to contact or collect information from children or people who are under 18 years of age. Ultimately, the Colorful Cosmetics LLC website is not intended to solicit any kind or any type of information from people who are underage.

However, it is possible that we receive information that pertain to people who are under the age of 18 through deception, third party, or fraud. Should we be notified about it, we will verify and urgently let this be known by the law, too.