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Frequently Asked Questions

Order and Delivery

Regrettably, we are unable to ship to the countries listed below due to some regulations and restrictions on the (1) delivery policy, as well as (2) cosmetics exportation:

Turkmenistan Peru Iran
Turkey Pakistan Indonesia
Thailand Mexico Greece
Syria Malaysia Egypt
Serbia Kazakhstan Brazil
Russia Italy
Qatar Israel

In case you’re interested to know about our resellers, you can view the list of Colorful Cosmetics LLC’s resellers all across the globe.

Our primary delivery address is in the United States (mainland) and we are in business with the following couriers:

- FedEx

All US orders (including Puerto Rico) are shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Upon checkout you will see carrier-calculated shipping rates and estimated transit times. All international orders, including Canada, are shipped via USPS First-Class Package International or FedEx International.

All U.S. orders have the option of Express Shipping during check out. However, it will depend on the items and the products you have purchased. All international orders are shipped with FedEx Worldwide Express.

For USPS couriers (within the U.S), all orders can be tracked through this link here. If via UPS, you can access UPS Tracking here (within the U.S.). If via FedEx, you can access FedEx Tracking here

There might be instances when your order can be tracked immediately after you receive your email. However, it might give an error message. When this happens, allow a maximum of 12 hours for it to be refreshed and to be generated online.

Due to the influx of orders, the usual processing time is 10 to 12 business days. But, the same process applies. You will receive your tracking info when your order is processed.

However, the usual delivery time will depend on your delivery address:

Region Delivery Time
US (Mainland) 1 to 2 days
Europe 3 to 5 days
Canada 3 to 5 days
Australia 3 to 5 days
Asia 5 to 7 days
US PO Box Up to 21 days
US (Outside Mainland) Up to 21 days
Other Countries and Continents 5 to 7 days

All orders will come from Colorful Cosmetics LLC’s warehouse located within the United States of America where it’s manufactured, labeled, and sealed.

We’re extremely sorry about this error, rest assured, that you will be able to receive what you have ordered. You can follow these simple steps to do so:

- Check your Electronic Proof of Delivery
- Track Your Order
- Take Note of where your package was delivered and who signed it

Should you be unable to retrieve your order, you can contact us through the CONTACT US option. We would need information from you such as:

- Your Name
- Specific Items Ordered
- Tracking ID No.
- Order No.

Yes. However, we only deliver to U.S. P.O Boxes and all P.O. Boxes outside the country would be unreachable for us.


At checkout, you can pay using credit card, debit card, or Paypal (if available in your region). You can use Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners, American Express ((AMEX ) for U.S. only), and Alipay. Apart from that, you can also pay using Gift Certificates that you can get from us as well.

To clarify this, you need to understand that the payment process will happen in two phases: authorization and account transfer. Authorization is a temporary hold of funds on your debt or credit card when you use a credit or a debit card for payment. On your end, this might reflect as a “successful transaction” but the funds really haven’t been taken from your account.

Account transfer, on the other hand, happens a few seconds or minutes after the authorization. In some cases, however, when an order is not approved, the funds wouldn’t be transferred and the payment will be reversed after 48 hours.

So, you will be charged for your order when your order has been confirmed and verified from our end. Otherwise, you will receive an email about the transaction on your account, updating you of the current situation.

All Sales Are Final, we accept no returns or exchanges. Colorful Cosmetics LLC reserves the right to refuse all exchanges and refunds.

All packages are shipped through UPS, USPS and FedEx. For products and items shipped outside the United States might be subject to import rules and regulations, taxes, and/or charges, which aren’t a part of your main order.

Colorful Cosmetics LLC is not responsible for any shipping and delivery fees that might be the effect of taxes, customs, and natural occurrences.

Orders and Stocks

On the usual, we look to restock every week. However, restock dates would depend on the availability of our products. Should you be interested in knowing about when your favorite products will be restocked, you can visit our website for it.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to change your order after it has been confirmed and verified. In fact, you would already be charged for it.

Products and Ingredients

Yes, Colorful Cosmetics LLC is proud to be cruelty free. Our products are deemed safe and secure without requiring the participation of animals for testing.

Colorful Cosmetics LLC is dedicated to cruelty free products; and we are also transparent with all of our moves and actions. All our clients will be able to check the ingredients of our products on the product page of the site – there will be a tab of ingredients on each of the product’s page.

The ingredients of our products may change every now and then depending on the need of the market. This is why we advise all our clients to see the list of ingredients in the product packaging to see the latest and the most up-to-date ingredients.

We are extremely sorry that you experienced an allergic reaction. Although most of our products are natural, mineral-based, and paraben-free, we would ask you to stop using the product until you dig deeper whether it’s our product that caused your reaction.

Let us know immediately by contacting us or by sending us an email at

Absolutely! In fact, most, if not all of our products are formulated to be used even by pregnant women and there shouldn’t be a problem. However, pregnancies can change your skin in ways you never imagined. This is why we always give recommendations to our clients to check ALL beauty products, including ours before using it first while pregnant to be sure of your health and the condition of your skin.


You can reach our customer service department via our email address at

It has been our goal here at Colorful Cosmetics LLC to respond to all emails and inquiries within 48 hours from the time we have acknowledge it. However, due to the influx of emails and inquiries, this timeframe may be modified and extended.

Rest assured that our whole team is working to respond to all of your inquiries as soon as we can!

Discounts and Promos

Yes! We offer different kinds and types of promotional offers and discounts every now and then. In order for you to get the latest news and offers that we release, you can sign up for our email and SMS newsletters, alerts and notifications.

United States customers would be able to enjoy free shipping if they spend a certain amount. Take note, though, that Colorful Cosmetics LLC may change these discounts from time to time to promote equality among our beloved clients.

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