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Passion-Driven Brand

Kerry Gede founded “Colorful Cosmetics LLC” in 2018 after her obsession with finding a lipstick that last and would not smudge. The company started with a line of lipsticks however Kerry added more products after she realized the demand of creating quality products. Furthermore, Ms. Gede has two bachelor’s degree, one in Business Administration (BA) and the other in Nursing (BSN). She also holds two master’s degree, an MBA in Business Administration and MSN in Nursing while currently pursuing her Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner (DNP) with a focus on Psychiatric Care.

Ms. Gede has spent the last 18 years of her career working in healthcare managing multimillion-dollar home health agencies as a Home Care Executive. She has held titles such as Regional Human Resource Director, RN Director of Operations, Director of Sales/Marketing, RN Administrator and currently Vice President of Home Care Operations. Kerry states “Home Health Care will always be my passion” however creating this company has given me another purpose, I want everyone to feel beautiful in their own way which is why our slogan reads “Your Beauty, Our Inspiration”. I always wanted to create something that is going to reflect my personality and love for fashion, health and beauty. Channeling the inner “Medical” expert in me, I decided to go with products that promote both the health and the beauty of people which is extremely rewarding.

Colorful Cosmetics From Scratch

Kerry stated she was blessed to have twin sisters and a fabulous mother who loved playing with makeup as much as she did. “My mother would never leave the house without lipstick”. Furthermore, I wanted to create a brand that symbolized the sisterhood that I have with my siblings and cousins. We are constantly sharing beautiful tips.

In addition, Kerry’s eldest sister, being the person who gave her the motivation to start the business, passed away a few years ago with one single request – for Kerry to continue Colorful Cosmetics LLC and show the world the true meaning of beauty without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals. My sisters, my mother, and my grandmother are really the ones who pushed me to create Colorful Cosmetics. My twin sisters helped me approved everything from product names to customized tissue paper, they kept pushing me which is why we have over 10 products in 50 different color shades with more to come.

Moreover, Kerry’s mother has played in a huge role in her success from working two jobs so Kerry could attend college and staying up all night monitoring Kerry while she studies so she would not fall asleep. “My mother is my biggest cheerleader; she has witnessed some of my biggest accomplishments in life and I will forever be grateful for all her sacrifices which has made me the woman I am today”–I am embedded to you forever Mommy. My Grandmother, who never wore makeup but always wore red lipstick is the inspiration behind some of my signature shades.


The Pursuit of Greatness

This year was the turning point for Colorful Cosmetics LLC, alongside her twin sisters, Kerry was able to finalize all details of this brand. We are still in our preliminary stages as a company however, we will not disappoint. We are going to launch quality products at an affordable price without jeopardizing the ingredients.

Creating A Legacy For Generations To Come

Colorful Cosmetics LLC has been built from the dedication, the creativity, and the passion for makeup that Kerry had with her family; a brand that came from blood, sweat, tears and hard work.
I aim for Colorful Cosmetics LLC to be the leader in the cosmetics industry, offering Vitamin C-infused products that aren’t only good for the skin, but also healthy. My skills and knowledge in medicine led me to create cutting-edge formulas that would revolutionize the entire face of the cosmetics world. “I am so excited to build a brand that is going to be around for generations to come”.


Feel Natural, Be Natural.

Become a #ColorfulCutie